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AGROTEL tunnel halls are available in steel pipe or beam versions. Our textile tunnel halls offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional halls. Whether employed as a storage hall, machine hall, exposition hall or as roofing - the versatility of AGROTEL tunnel halls is designed to suit every application. AGROTEL tunnel halls do not require any foundation. They can be erected on natural ground. Special weight anchors ensure a stable anchoring. The basic design of the AGROTEL tunnel hall is a tunnel form opened at both ends. Optionally, a gable or a 1/3-gable can also be fitted additionally. A net in the upper third of the hall would provide the necessary ventilation. Additional options include equipment of the tunnel hall with a sliding door or a roll-up door.

Quick and simple assembly is another advantage of the AGROTEL tunnel halls. All of our tunnel halls can be erected in a single day with normal conditions prevailing. In contrast to conventional buildings, AGROTEL tunnel halls can be dismantled and erected again at another site without any problem.
Steel Pipe Tunnel Halls

  • Galvanised steel structure: arched steel pipes
  • Anchoring: special weight anchors
  • Available in widths of 6.20m, 9.20m and 12m
  • Length as required
  • Tarpaulins: UV-resistant, TÜV-approved (German Technical Inspection Authority), treated to protect against mould

Beam Tunnel Halls

  • Steel structure: hot-dip galvanised, arched beams
  • Anchoring: special weight anchors or pin anchors, fitted with foot plate and heavy-duty anchors onto concrete foundations as standard
  • Available in widths of 10m, 12m and 15m
  • Length as required
  • Tunnel hall for particularly demanding structural requirements

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