- Model BCR 01 - Sample Gas Coolers



BCRs are the allround talents among compressor coolers. They are installed in all applications where pure coolers are needed without additional conditioning equipment.  BCR sample gas coolers can be optionally equipped with PVDF-, glass- and/or stainless-steel-heat-exchangers. Thus BCR sample gas coolers can cool down nearly every gaseous medium. The coolers are also very suitable for high gas flow rates and extrem high inlet temperatures. Even for operation in explosive atmosphere ATEX zones 1 and 2 BCR offers high performant systems.

  • 1-4 gas paths (PVDF, glass, stainless steel ), 90-500Nl/h per gas path, max. inlet temp. 140°-180°C
  • high-performant exchangeable heat-exchanger in div. material-variants, universal applicable
  • wall-mount housing in front- and side-design, mobile versions
  • EEx-version for operation in ATEX zones 1 and 2

  • 1 Gas path (PVDF, glass, stainless steel)
  • 125-250Nl/h per gas path
  • Digital temperature display, alarm contact function
  • Wall-mount housing (front/side), mobile version
  • Condensate pump optional

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