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- Model EPB - Bale Press


This recycling press was designed for compressing paper, cardboard, foil, sheet metal containers, fruit crates and canisters; it achieves a volume reduction of up to 80 %*!

EPB-Tandem: The EPB can be expanded with an additional chamber. This makes it possible to compress several types of waste simultaneously with one machine!Easy to fill: The 360° swiveling press head and the large filling opening make the EPB very convenient to fill!Extreme volume reduction: By compressing waste you can reduce the volume by up to 80 %*! Two pressed bales next to each other occupy the surface area of one euro pallet.

Throw the material to be pressed into the filling shaft. When it is full, swing the press head over the shaft and compress the material into a bale, using the two-hand control. Once the bale has the desired size, the binding material is pulled out before the last pressing cycle and tied under pressure. Two bales next to each other occupy the surface area of one euro pallet; 4 bales fit into a 1,100 liter container.


  • Type: bale press
  • Volume reduction: ca. 60-80%*
  • Special features: very easy to operate
  • Scope of delivery: incl. 2 rolls of binding material


  • Motor: Power output 230 Volts / 1.5KW or 400 Volts / 2.2 KW
  • Pressing force: ca. 4 t
  • Dimensions: 1.970 x 780 x 1.050 mm
  • Weight: 420 kg

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