- Floatation Aids for Planting Water Treatment Plants


Agua's ABIS systems use Agua patented matrixes are specially designed as floatation aids for planting water treatment plants (like Typhas) on the surface of water to be treated. Each matrix unit connects together to form a single unified structure, which can be scaled up or down for a variety of installation sizes. The matrixes help to stabilize young plants and prevent them from tipping over, thus improving their viability and growth. Easy to connect and install, the matrixes ensure even growth across the treatment system.

Overall, with a higher buoyancy and flexibility, better plant distribution, stronger design and connections, Agua's BioMatrix is superior to other types of flotation aids. Designed uniquely for biological water treatment, Agua BioMatrixes promote the highest quality green filter formation.


Agua's matrixes are designed based on over 10 years experience implementing and designing floating plant based water treatment systems. Uniquely, durable, buoyant, easy to connect, and ideal for aquatic root growth – no other phytoremediation floatation hardware matches Agua's Biomatrix quality.


Agua's matrixes are designed specially for planting aquatic phytoremediation plants. Each unit has planting pots to achieve the ideal density, maximum space for plant growth between pots, and the right amount of plastic to keep young plants from floating out, meanwhile space for root expansion.

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