Analyser Instrument Company Private Limited

Analyser Instrument Company Private Limited

- Model ZAJ - Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer


This product is an analyzer which measures oxygen concentration in a sample gas by converting it into pressure, utilizing the magnetic property of oxygen. When compared with the oxygen analyzers of other measuring systems, this oxygen analyzer features a faster response, and smaller influence by coexisting gas and combustible gas, etc. Further, this analyzer is easy to use because of abundant functions such as discretionary range setting and interactive operation. It is usable in diverse field including control of various heat treating furnaces, combustion furnaces and other various fields.

  1. Because of a pressure detection type, response is quick. 90% response can be reached within 2sec.
  2. Measuring range can be set in any range of 0 to 2.. 100%O2
  3. Combustible gases do not affect measurements.
  4. Measurements are scarcely affected by coexisting gases (H2 , CO2 etc).
  5. Suppression range is possible (for example, 21 to 100%, 100 to 95%O2 etc).
  6. Interactive operation is possible by using liquid crystal display.
  7. Parts which are brought in contact with gases are made of anticorrosive materials such as stainless steel and teflon.

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