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Analyser Instrument Company Private Limited

- Model ZRJ - Infrared Gas Analyzer


This gas analyzer (ZRJ) is capable of measuring the concentrations of CO2, CO, CH4,SO2, NO and O2 components in sample gas.  CO2, CO, CH4, NO, and SO2 are measured by non-dispersion infrared method (NDIR), while O2 is measured by paramagnetic, fuel cell, or zirconia method. Up to 4 components including O2 (up to 3 components in measurement of gases other than O2) can be measured simultaneously. A high-sensitivity mass flow sensor is adopted in the detection block for the infrared method. Due to use of single beam system for measurement, maintenance is easy and an excellent stability is ensured for a long period of time.  In addition, a microprocessor is built in and a large- liquid crystal display is equipped for easier operation, higher accuracy and more functions. This analyzer is thus optimum for combustion control of various industrial furnaces, botanical study and global atmospheric research.

1. Simultaneous measurement of 4 components including O2
A maximum of 4 components are simultaneously measurable; O2 and three components selected from among CO2, CO, CH4, SO2 and NO.
Measured values can be indicated through signal input from an externally installed O2 analyzer.

2. Excellent in long-term stability
The original optics (measurement block) minimizes drift particularly due to contamination of a measuring cell, so an excellent stability is ensured for a long period of time.

3. Subdued interference from other gas components
Interference from other gas components is insignificant, because the detector is a serial dual-layer type transmission detector.

4. Easy maintenance
Because of single-beam system the measurement block is simple with no need for optical balance adjustment. Therefore, maintenance is easy.

5. Easy to operate
Operation can be carried out smoothly in an interactive way through a large-size liquid crystal display.

6. Abundant functions

  • Zero point and span can be accurately calibrated just by pressing the calibration keys. Further, the analyzer is settable so as to carry out automatic calibration periodically.
  • An error will be detected by self-diagnostic function and indicated by error message.
  • Besides, a rich variety of functions are provided including remote range input, range discrimination signal output, output signal holding and upper/lower limit alarm.

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