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HWE Roots air blower / twin lobe compressor is a positive displacement, constant volume machine to operate against varying pressures. With each revolution, the compressor delivers a metered amount of air measured at inlet conditions. Operating at a constant speed against almost constant pressure, it delivers constant stream of pressurized air flow. No contamination, no oil, no spring, no valves or vanes, no internal contact of any parts and hence is free of wear and tear.

HWE Air Blower / Twin Lobe Blower are available for flow rates from 5 cu. mt/hr through 3,000 cu. mt./hr in single stage and upto any capacity in parallel configuration for working pressure range upto 1kg/sq cm. Our range includes air cooled blowers, water cooled blower,  gas blower , acoustic hoods and allied accessories.

  • 100% Oil air delivery
  • Excellent performance
  • Low Noise
  • Available in horizontal and vertical configuration
  • Air cooled and water cooled models

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