Air Check Advantage Ex Methyl Bromide Monitor



The Air check Advantage Ex Methyl Bromide Monitor is a compact, extractive continuous gas monitoring system designed to monitor in hazardous areas. The system uses our proprietary renewable electrochemical sensor cell combined with a long life pyrolizer to provide extremely sensitive and specific Methyl Bromide monitoring. Unlike traditional LEL solid-state detectors, the Air check Ex pyrolizer technology is extremely sensitive and capable of detecting parts-per-million concentrations of Methyl Bromide at TLV levels without being affected by humidity or other environmental conditions. The heart of the monitoring system is a long life pyrolizer designed to convert Methyl Bromide to an electrochemically active gas detected on PureAire’s renewable sensor cell. And the low cost renewable sensor cell offers the lowest annual preventative maintenance materials at about $75 per year for electrolyte replacement. The Air check Ex electronics, pyrolizer, sample pump and sensor cell are housed in a weather and explosion-proof enclosure suitable for installation in Class 1, Division 1, Group B, C, and D hazardous areas. The instrument’s “smart” circuitry continuously monitors sensor cell status and sampling system performance. Continuous sensor cell operation is transmitted via 4-20 mA signal to PureAire controllers, PLC’s or remote alarm systems. Should a system error occur, the Air check Ex outputs a 2 mA signal to remote alarm/control systems to immediately alert control room personnel.

  • Detects Methyl Bromide at Sub TLV Levels
  • Enhanced Self-diagnostic Capability Decreases Downtime and Maintenance Costs
  • Long Life Pyrolizer
  • Dual Level User Selectable Alarm Relays
  • Local Gas Concentration Digital Display
  • 4-20 mA Analog Output
  • Low Annual Operational Cost
  • Low Cost Renewable Sensor Cell

Low Annual Operation Cost
The PureAire Air check Ex has the lowest annual maintenance costs of any gas monitoring system on the market. PureAire’s Renewable Sensor cells are easily recharged with electrolyte right in the field at approximately 20 % of the cost of disposable sensor cell type systems. Recharge costs typically run about $35.00 per sensor every 6 months. Combined with our built-in, low power pyrolizer, and long life sample pump, the Air check Ex will lower your annual operation costs. When compared to competitive gas monitors, it will pay for itself in just a few years.

Connects to DCS and PLC Controls The Air check Ex Methyl Bromide Monitor is 24 V DC powered and transmits continuous gas concentration levels to any distributive control system, programmable logic controller or PureAire’s proprietary single and multichannel controllers. The Air check Ex Monitor can be operated remote up to 1,000 meters, 0.6 miles from centralized distributive control systems.

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