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In those arid regions where water is a scarce commodity or in countries where stringent environmental legislation does not allow the use of water, dry Cooling becomes the smart choice. Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) technology does not need water to condense the process fluid. In this system, exhaust steam from the turbine flows through the tube bundles of an ACC and is condensed in parallel flow tube bundles using air flow induced by properly designed axial fans. The residual steam flows in counter current.

To meet different customer requirements SPIG offers design, engineering, manufacture and installation of ACC Dry Cooling Systems suitable for Power Plants, Waste to Energy Plants, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Oil Refineries etc.
SPIG high efficiency design Air Cooled Condensers are flexible and customized A-frame or V-frame configuration, low fan power consuption, resistant to corrosion and freezing conditions, requiring very low maintenance and guaranteeing long life operation and cost effective solutions.
The finned tube bundles constitute the heart of an Air Cooled Condenser.
SPIG can provide Direct ACC systems both double row tube bundles and single-row aluminium fin tube bundles. Double row tube technology design features can be described as good resistance against corrosion, good heat transfer rate, fin spacing of 2.5/4.0 mm, hot-dip galvanized steel fins protection and a well established and reliable technology.
Single-row aluminium fin tube is the state of the art technology in vacuum steam condensers. The main characteristic can be summarized in higher and more effective heat transfer efficiency, flat core tube reducing the air-side pressure drop.

Other major advantages of the single row technology are:

  • Lower Pressure Drops Steamside/Airside
  • Higher Thermal Efficiency
  • Dead Zones Do Not Exist
  • Lower Fan Power Consumption
  • Lower Sound Power Level
  • Lower Weight Per Face Area
  • Higher Corrosion Resistance

Dry Cooling Sytems are environmentally sound technology. In fact, customers deploying Air Cooled Condensers may benefit from water saving, environment preservation thanks to these emission free systems, no hot water discharge into the sea or rivers, affecting the ecosystem. Furthermore, dry cooling systems require very low maintenance, allowing maximazitation of the overall costs.
With many successfully executed and operating projects worldwide, SPIG is a trusted partner with renowned reliability, engineering excellence and a top quality provider.

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