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- Air-Cooled Low Charge Ammonia Chiller


Our latest air-cooled low charge ammonia chiller, the Azanechiller 2.0, has an efficiency that is 71% higher than the EU EcoDesign Directive's (2009/125/EC) energy efficiency requirements and delivers immediate reductions on energy costs after installation.

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is 236% for comfort cooling applications
  • Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR) of 8.01 for process cooling

Star Refrigeration have re-engineered the Azanechiller range to help our customers reduce energy costs, avoid the uncertainty of synthetic F-Gas refrigerants, and invest in a future proof solution that will deliver reliable cooling for 20+ years.

 A low charge design uses a combined evaporator/separator to achieve refrigerant volumes as little as 0.18kg/kW. As ammonia has zero global warming potential, the chiller does not fall under the European F-Gas regulation, unlike alternative technology using HFC refrigerants such as R134a and R410a.

With COPs up to 3.63 at 100% load and 35°C ambient, increasing to 11.9 at 50% load and typical UK ambient temperatures of 10°C, the new Azanechiller 2.0 is 15% more efficient than its screw compressor counterparts at design conditions.

Each Azanechiller package is manufactured, charged, commissioned and run tested at Star Refrigeration’s production facility in Glasgow.

The high and medium temperature Azanechilller ranges have cooling capacities from 140kW to 1,200kW for secondary fluid supply temperatures from -10°C to +10°C.

  • HVAC
  • Temperature Controlled Storage
  • Food Production
  • Ice and Leisure
  • Process cooling (pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical)
  • Data Centres

  • Variable speed reciprocating compressors
  • High efficiency IE3 drive motors
  • Low profile, air cooled condenser with high efficiency
  • EC condenser fans and epoxy coated fins as standard
  • Compact plate and shell evaporator with integrated separator
  • PLC control to continuously optimise chiller operation
  • Remote PLC access facility
  • Continuous performance monitoring and optimisation
  • Factory charged, run tested and commissioned prior to dispatch
  • Options for:
    • Single or twin compressor
    • Axitop for all condensers
    • Heat recovery
    • Witnessed performance test at factory

The Azanechiller is ideally suited for cooling applications including:

  • A future proof chiller solution which does not fall under the F-Gas regulation
  • A chiller that has an efficiency 51% higher than the Eco Design Requirement
  • An SEER of 5.60 for comfort cooling applications and an SEPR of 7.59 for process cooling
  • Refrigerant charges of 0.18kg/kW
  • 39% reduction in chiller weight
  • 15% reduction in footprint
  • No plant room required
  • 20+ year life expectancy
  • A quick installation
  • A chiller that is ready to run when delivered to site

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