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Model KKL- A/A - Air Cooled Water Heat Exchanger Machines



Air cooled water cooling machines in compact design for outdoor installation, with a cooling capacity from 20 to 500 kW, (> 500 kW with request)


  • Energy-efficient scroll refrigerant compressor, from KKL-A 7 A 50 with reciprocating or screw compressors
  • High refrigerant compressor with axial flow fans
  • Cold water circulation pump with high efficiency engine
  • Stainless steel-cold water tank, isolated
  • Electronic temperature controller with digital display
  • Automatic level control with additional pump protection against dry running
  • Automatic and manual water replenishment
  • Single diode fault
  • Adjustable overflow valve in the cold water flow
  • Splash-proof case
  • Operational reliability through housing-heater and pump cooling circuit
  • Maintained friendly design and simple operation
  • Variable installation when space is limited or relocation of production
  • No addition of glycol necessary
  • All approved refrigerants


  • Glycol-water-operation to -40°C, model range: KKL-A/A-G
  • Pump-tank farm inside


Energy savings:

  • Free-cooler-system for support
  • Gliding condensation temperature, “GVTe”
  • Frequency converter for refrigerating compressors
  • Speed-controlled pumps and axial flow fans
  • Fan-assisted air heating for production
  • Hot water production to support heating

Mechanical execution:

  • Refrigerant evaporator in stainless steel without copper
  • Increased-/ additional high pressure pump
  • Redundancy pumps
  • Enlarged stainless steel cold water tank, insulated
  • Tanks in material: PP, PE or stainless steel
  • Without tank and / or pump available
  • Pipes in stainless steel
  • Special size
  • Special paint
  • Introduction and transport in oversee containers

Electrical execution:

  • Special voltage
  • SPS-regulation/ -junction
  • Profinet, Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN bus and PC / host connectivity

Environmental requirements

  • Tropic execution up to 50°C
  • Superplasticiser as silent runner
  • Heat exchanger fins with epoxy resin
  • Sound insulation of the compressor
  • Basic frame in stainless steel execution


  • Control cabinet for remote monitoring
  • Pipe heating
  • Emergency water-cooling
  • Cool water distributor
  • Dirt filter (sh. water technology)
  • Water treatment systems

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