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Wolf Rock Drills

Model MW-5000C - Air Crawler Drill with Cabin



We have a pleasure to present to you our technical data for an air track drill with cab and air conditioning, perfect for quarries, mining and civil jobs, where durability and trust is required.

  • Air Consumption:  900 PCM
  • Working Pressure:  100 PSI / 7 bar
  • Available models of drifters:  MW-120/121/126/131/140
  • Cleaning:  Air or Water

  • Weigth:  6200kg
  • Width:  2300mm
  • Length:  6200mm
  • Heigth:  2985mm

  • Operational safety: The operator works inside the cab, without risks of accidents when handling steel rods;
  • Easy control: All controls are done comfortably inside the cab, with air conditioning, with the commands close to him. Is not necessary a second operator;
  • Protected cab, equipped with air conditioning, with all commands inside the cab;
  • Rod Changer: All actions taken for changing the rods are controled and operated inside the cab ;
  • Feed system: the equipment is equipped with new and revolucionary planetary feed system, increasing the feed action in power and speed;
  • Equipment designed and developed for easy operation and maintenance;
  • Auto Rod Changer: Inside the cab the operator controls the rod change, with capacity of 5 + 1 steel rold T-38MF;
  • Traction motor of 5 cylinders, with high torque. It results in best performance in inclinated grounds; (11,5HP / 8,5KW) when moving by track system (impulsioned by air traction motor);
  • Automatic greaser, greasing the threads in correctly rationed, accioned by a simple button;
  • Transmission can be disconnected for towing;
  • Track rollers, with oil lubrication, becoming a non maintenance part.;
  • Track straining, using grease pump, with retention valve;
  • Main frame made in structured steel, developed for heavy duty services, with oscilattion on both of the tracks, hydraulically, adapting in different types of terrain ( no risk of twist the structure from machine );
  • Guide wheel, made in casting steel;
  • Reduction gear system with 3 gears, ( not only two ones ). More torque when going up or going dow;
  • Disc Brake system, assures more performance in many situations. Self air propelled, and able to stop the equipment without air ( safety );
  • Feed motor: 6 cylinders, 7 HP of power;
  • Feed chain: ASA 100.
  • Hydraulic centralizer, with easy control. This one uses two steel tempered bushings, with high quality and durability;
  • Hydraulic pump ( gear ), easy maintenance;
  • Air motor for hydraulic pump transmission;
  • Hours Meter, for controlling the drifter working hours ( accessory );
  • Completely truck units made in strengthened steel, offering more stability in diferents types of terrains;
  • Air controls with independent directional valves, and pressure regulated valve for feed, offering more control when drilling, as the pressure indicator gauge; 4 air valves belongs to this air control, as follow: percussion, feed, rotation and flushing;
  • Dust collector mounted outside the machine or Cleaning with water;

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