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Model UVR-4K - Air Disinfection Systems



sterilAir UVR-4K air disinfection systems serve for air disinfection in rooms with low convection, where direct emission has to be avoided under all circumstances. Typical applications are production, packaging and maturing rooms as well as cold storage areas.

Depending on the specification of the system, the integrated corrosion protected axial fan has a maximum capacity of up to 700m3/h (standard configuration).

As the air in the reaction chamber is subject to turbulent conduction, the UVR-4K with it's integrated four UV-C high performance emitters is able to apply an extremely high UV-C dose to exposed microorganisms. Thus the UVR-4K even inactivates particularly resistant germs like mould spores.

The UVR-4K can be disassembled into its various components quickly and easily for cleaning or maintenance purposes. Effective disinfection is possible at temperatures well below 0°C, thanks to automatically adjusting electronics and thermal isolated UV-C emitters. Thus, a maximum in disinfection reliability is guaranteed.

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