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- Model SFM - Air Filtration Systems



Modular filtration systems, built in aluminium or steel, are widely used for removal of corrosive gases that affect the control electronics. Also used for deodorization or other gas phase filtration applications. Alphachem SFM units incorporate modules (cassettes) AP12 or AP18 adsorbents, chemical adsorption media, as well as particulate filters. These units can work with natural ventilation (passive configuration) or with forced ventilation (incorporated stage fan)

  • Airflow: 10-80.000 m3/h
  • Pollutants removal efficiency 98% minimum
  • 1-4 stages of chemical filtration
  • Self-adjust system for the cassettes in order to avoid any possible bypass.
  • Horizontal or vertical layout compact equipment
  • Suitable for high flow rates and low to moderate concentrations of contaminants
  • Options: electronically switched fan, touch screen control, pressure gauges, additional particulate filters, mist eliminator.

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