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FSX Equipment Inc.

- Air Flow Test Bench



The FSX TrapTester Air Flow Test Bench is now being used as the standard measuring device by engine and truck OEM’s and dealers for repeatable testing nationwide. Every location needs the ability to get the same air flow readings for warranty and maintenance.

Accurate Testing

  • Calibrated specifically for measuring cleaning success on DPF
  • Used to measure filter performance at each stage of cleaning
  • Identifies defective filters
  • Inlet and exhaust are screened for safety

Fits Most Filters

  • Handles 9” diameter filters and larger.
  • Adapter plates included for smaller diameter filters
  • Special adapters available for oval and extremely small filters

Easy Filter Testing Accessories

  • Filter Cleaning Reference Data Posters
  • Locking case and mount for TrapTracker 
  • Regularly updated Baseline Chart

  • Dimensions: 30”/72”H x 24”W x 44”D (approx.)
  • Weight: 325 lbs
  • Electrical:1.5 HP motor requires 460/220/208 Volt, 3-ph electrical connection, UL controlled
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 450 lbs

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