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Model Pingvin - Air Handling Unit



The Enervent Pingvin air handling unit has been in production since 1995. It is the best selling single-family house unit with a rotating heat exchanger in Finland.

Wall or ceiling mounting

The Pingvin is dimensioned to fit in standard cabinets. The modern design of the unit makes it easy to place the unit on top of a cabinet in your utility room. Pingvin can also be mounted to the ceiling with a separate ceiling mount plate.

Enervent’s CLICK ceiling mounting system provides the following advantages:

  • Much faster assembly on site
  • The ventilation unit body construction is the same for wall or ceiling mounted models – no risk of misunderstandings when ordering
  • Ducts are not directly connected to the unit frame
  • Air leaks in duct connections are removed
  • The thermal bridge is cut
  • Reduced sound transmission from the unit frame to the ducts

All Enervent ventilation units are ready to be installed. Many of the steps in the installation do require special tools and expertise, so Ensto recommends leaving the installation work to an HVAC specialist. Finn Geotherm are experienced in installing and balancing Enervent systems. If the unit is to be installed as part of a new build, we would normally provide your builder with the required air flow ducting and schematic to install as the internal build progresses. We would, however, be fully responsible for the installation of the heat recovery unit, its connection to the ducting and the commissioning and balancing of the system and all vents.

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