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Air Handling Units


For heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, heat recovery and air filtration purpose Hammam Industries & Co. offer high performance Air Handling Units featuring

  • Long service life due to the material used and additional protective finishing for components and external surfaces of the unit in order to withstand the specific gas flow and the installation conditions of each application, industrial as well as HVAC.
  • Wide range of capacities up to 100,000 cubic meters / hour for standard construction and larger on request with special design.
  • High Flexibility because each unit is designed in line with the installation and connections conditions. The unit cross section dimensions are changed for precise room available at site.
  • Easy Site Installation due to compact one piece or sectional provided with lifting arrangement and protections for safe / easy transportation and handling at site.
  • Easy Maintenance due to excellent design which provide large room inside cabinet, access doors, light and rigid floor ensuring accessibility to all components.
  • High Efficiency because fans, coils, motors, humidifiers, filters, external insulation material, silencers, enclosure tightness, and other components are carefully selected and engineered for lowest possible energy consumption.
  • Operational Safety devices and guards are provided in accordance to the international regulations and the customer specific requirement.
  • Precise thermal performance to match the customer capacities requirement utilizing the computerized selection for each component.

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