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ITB Companies is specialized in designing, producing and building air-handling systems. ITB has proven for many years to produce reliable systems with a high quality. All systems are manufactured on customer specifications, ranging in dimensions and ventilation capacity. Mostly the air handling units are used as manure drying systems. The manure-drying unit of ITB can be placed on (almost)every poultry system. With this system, depending on capacity and air conditions, the manure is dried from at least 55 up to 75% dry manure. The used fans are centrifugal fans with double inlet execution with a high efficiency and a low power consumption. There are various executions of the manure drying systems available:

 Air mixing box: the incoming fresh air is mixed inside the box with the inside air and after mixing blown into air tubes. This is done by means of counter-rotating valves, which are mounted on stainless steel axes.

Heat exchanging unit: the incoming fresh air is heated with the warm exhaust air from the building. There is no contact between the fresh air and the exhaust air. Heat is transferred from the exhaust air to the fresh inlet air through a tubes heat exchanger. Advantage of this system is the minimal service needed and the unit is easy to clean. Also manure with a high relative humidity is good dryable. Several extra options are available, such as: heating, cooling or spraying unit. Also the placement of a special automatic filter-section is possible.

The fan can also be delivered separately and can be mounted under the ceiling in the middle of the house. Air from the building is transferred directly from the fan through the air tubes, without any handling.


  • Deliverable on customer requirements, ranging in dimensions and fan capacity
  • Available as inside- or outside system
  • Air mixing box deliverable up to 70.000m3/h air capacity
  • Execution with a frequency drive available for increased lifetime

Usage areas
Agraricultural sector.

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