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Air Handling Units are central system appliances used in hospitals, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and similar sterile area applications, in order to perform one or several of the following functions, depending on the requirements: ventilation, heating, cooling and multiple-level filtration.

The covers installed on the appliance base are designed so that they can be fully closed, and coated with 304 quality CrNi stainless steel of 0.60-1.00 mm in thickness, depending on the plant size. Before coating with stainless steel, antibacterial silicon is applied in order to prevent any water from leaking below, when the appliance is washed. In all parts of the appliance that needs to be washed, trap drains are used in order to discharge the water accumulated inside and to prevent any air leaks from the outside to the inside. Around the holes opened for the trap, the countersink is formed to that water does not accumulate there.

In order for the silencer units to be washed also, the slides are placed horizontally in the appliances, as different from the standard appliances and space is formed at the base. 

As a result of the tests performed by TÜV, the full compliance of the Hygienic Air Handling Units to the articles of DIN 1946/4, EN 1751, VDI 6022/1-3 and VDI 3803 have been certified.

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