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Industrial Air Heaters are required in many various industries for heating, drying, calcining, melting, and chemical processing applications. PCC has provided these industries with energy efficient, reliable and robust Industrial Air Heaters since opening our doors. PCC's custom designs are well proven in hundreds of successful installations worldwide.

Industrial Air Heaters / Process Air Heaters that PCC supplies are classified into two groups: direct-fired and indirect-fired. Direct-fired air heaters achieve the desired amount of air heating through direct contact of the air heater products of combustion with the down stream process. Indirect-fired air heaters are typically used when the air heater products of combustion can not contact (or contaminate) the down stream process and must indirectly heat a process air stream. This indirect heating of the process air is typically achieved by adding a gas to gas Industrial Heat Exchanger at the discharge of the air heater. The Industrial Heat Exchanger transfers the available heat contained in the air heater hot products of combustion to a process air stream while keeping the process air stream segregated from the air heater products of combustion.

PCC offers both direct and indirect-fired Industrial Air Heaters in a wide range of standard sizes, or a system can be custom engineered to meet your needs. PCC offers the following custom design features for your industrial air heater needs:

  • Clean combustion using heavy and light fuel oil, as well as gaseous fuels
  • Multiple fuel firing capability
  • Complete skid mounted units
  • Close temperature mixing
  • All metallic construction or refractory lined units
  • State of the art controls per major international standards
  • High pressure designs up to 300 psig

As well as offering a full line of Industrial Air Heaters, we also offer turnkey construction, project management, and spare parts support for all PCC supplied products

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