Inland Technology

- Reusable Solvent Sprayer


Air Jet 24 - Designed to facilitate the elimination of aerosol cans. Allows for the use of bulk solvents in a reusable sprayer that is pressurized with shop air on an as needed basis.

  • Uses Compressed Air Eliminating Hazardous Propellants
  • Safe and Easy to Use Unscrew fill port, fill with sprayable fluids, and charge Using Air Chuck using Standard Shop Air (Max. 200 PSI)
  • Provides Economical Spraying of Bulk Liquids
  • Eliminates Disposal of Used and Partially Discharged Aerosol Cans
  • Controlled, Uniform Spraying Actiowith a full Range of Nozzles from PiStream to Fine Finish with Thumb Trigger
  • For Use with Light Fluids (Lubricants, Degreasers, Cleaners, etc)


  • Height 9”
  • Diameter 4.5”

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