Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps



Phase 1: The air that is suppliedbehind the diaphragmpushes the medium from the chamber to  the delivery connection.  At the same time the diaphragm “B” is pulled by the shaft. This creates the suction process. Phase 2: Direction is reversed at stoke end.

1.  Pumping of aggressive and flammable substances, viscous liquids also with solids and media containing gas.
2. Especially suitable for use in hazardous areas (ATEX certification).
3. Reliability even at high humidity.
4. Adjustable flow rate and head via air pressure.
5. Dry - running without any problems.
6. Dry self -priming.
7. Three suction and delivery connections.
8. Operation with non-lubricated air.
9. Manifolds can be separated. Therefore two different media can be pumped at the same time.
10. Easy replacement of spare parts and maintenance by your service department.

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