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- Air Pollution Control System


Novo Energy is the exclusive licensee of the Solios acid gas scrubbing system in North America, and other countries for municipal solid waste and other waste fuel applications. This technology, combined with our patented combustion system allows Novo to provide turn-key solutions for new WTE and other solid  fuel based renewable energy projects and facility upgrades.


The Solios All-Dry Scrubbing Process utilizes the patented and proprietary Solios Venturi Reactor, coupled with a Pulse-Jet Fabric Filter for the treatment of acid gases. The vertical, up-flow/down-flow Venturi Reactor provides intimate contact of acid laden process gas with dry, solid reagent for primary acid gas collection and particulate agglomeration at low pressure drops. Reagent is then recycled for maximum utilization. Operating stoichiometric ratios are in the same range as semi-dry slurry processes.

Secondary acid gas removal, together with collection of solid particulate is achieved in a Solios Pulse-Jet Fabric Filter. There, the reagent and fly ash are separated from the flue gas and retained on the outside of the filter bags. As the gas passes through the particulate cake on the bags, further reduction of the acid gas occurs during reaction with unspent reagent present in the filter cake. Collected fly ash and acid gas reaction by-products as well as untreated reagent are then discharged or re-circulated in the process by mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems.

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