Geyser Pump Tech, LLC

- Model GAP - Air-Pulse Pump


Low Cost, Low Energy for Return/Waste Activated Sludge (RAS, WAS) Pumping. The Geyser Air-Pulse Pump has been developed to provide clog free sludge pumping using less energy with easy control of the pumping rate.

  • Immersed installation inside tanks: GAP, GIP, GHP, GAM and GEP product lines.
  • Possible installation outside tanks with suction header: GIP and GEP product lines.
  • Extended suction pipe: GAP, GIP and GHP product lines.
  • Extended suction reach: GIP and GEP product lines.
  • Custom designs to accommodate larger capacity pumping rates.

  • Variable volume pumping and mixing.
  • No impeller, very low shear forces on the liquid.
  • No springs, diaphragms, seals or bearings to wear out.
  • No electrical devices at or near the pump or mixer installation.
  • Ideal for Intrinsically Safe operational requirements.
  • Durable corrosion resistant PVC construction with powder coated steel, galvanized or stainless steel options.

  • Support legs.
  • Lifting lugs.
  • Rail supports.
  • Concrete donut to drop and anchor pump in filled tank.
  • Optional mating connections for suction and discharge.

  • Low pressure air from blowers is sufficient for most applications.
  • Shared air blower unit with the aeration system is possible; just install the Geyser pump and mixing units above the air diffusers.

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