Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, Inc. (I.C.E.R.)

- Air Purification

Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, Inc. is now an Ecoquest Certified Commercial Dealer. Ecoquest products are proven to eliminate mold, germs, and other bacteria from surfaces, air, and laundry depending on the product you choose. I.C.E.R. recommends the Gemini, which reduces pollen, dust and dander, kills mold and germs, and has a high clean air delivery rate. The Gemini utilizes Germicidal UV, Ionization, Photo-Oxidation and ActivePure Technology to kill things like mold and germs on surfaces while dropping smoke, odors, and other pollutants out of the air you breathe. It contains a washable prefilter, true HEPA plus an activated carbon filter. Click the ads below to learn more about how to obtain any of the Ecoquest Products.

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