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- Model 310 - Air Purification Device


Genano 310 is an air purification device based on Genano Technology. The unique technology removes even the smallest impurities from indoor air. These impurities can consist of viruses, bacteria, mould spores as well as traffic originated soot. Genano 310 doesn’t have traditional fiber filters, so there is no risk for a breeding ground for microbes forming inside the unit even in humid conditions. In Genano technology, a gas absorber is used for the removal of harmful gases and ozone. Using and taking care of the Genano unit is easy. Genano 310 is self-cleaning and requires only regular filling of Genano washing fluid and water and emptying the flush water bowl.

Contents of delivery

1 Genano 310 unit with mains power cable
Contains 1 gas absorption plate to handle gas emissions. Make sure absorption plate is changed annually. The absorption plate change and other service measures are included in the service agreement.

1 bottle Genano Original washing liquid (1 ltr)
(OR 1 bottle of Genonex anti-bacterial washing liquid, 5 ltr). Only use approved Genano washing liquid in Genano units.

1 plastic flush water bowl
Empty the bowl on a regular basis every month and clean away any remaining residue with a moist towel. Notice that there is no contamination risk from bacteria or viruses from the dirt in the bowl as the cleaning process eliminates all microbes.

1 mixing can
The mixing can has marks on the side for easy measuring.

  • 310 MOB dimensions (WxDxH) : 450 x 385 x 1470
  • Weight : 55 kg
  • Chassis : Aluminium, steel sheet zinc coated
  • Decontamination efficiency : up to 80 - 99.5%
  • Air volume flow capacity : 100 - 200 m³/h
  • Applicable air volume : up to 100 m²
  • Power : 200 -240V 50Hz/110 - 120V 50/60 Hz
  • Energy consumption : 90 - 140 W
  • Operating temperature range : 0 - 60º C
  • Relative humidity (RH) : 0 - 95%
  • Sound level : 40 - 50 dB (A)
  • Medical device certification : MDD Class 1
  • Models : Stand-Alone / Wall Modell

Use: Indoor use only
Room size recommendation: 40–100 m2
Dimensions: 460 mm x 400 mm x 1470 mm
Weight, approx.: 55 kg
Chassis: Painted steel
Capacity: 100–250 m3/h
Operating voltage: 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 60–140 W
Cleaning efficiency: 99,5 %
Cleaning range: >0.003 ìm
Ambient temperature: +5...+60 °C
Humidity level of air: 0–90 %
Cleaning: Automatic cleaning once a week

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