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The most efficient solution, for example, with explosive dusts. Uncomplicated, robust and easy maintenance – and all at extremely low operating costs. Especially with problematic and potentially explosive dusts (e.g. organic dusts like flour), CLAROFIL is working safely and reliably.  The filter sludge is thoroughly discharged employing automatic sediment excavators. Thanks to the generously sized revision opening, the case interior is easily accessible and easy to maintain. The CLAROFIL advantages in detail:

Meeting manifold requirements:
Due to a wide ranging accessories program the CLAROFIL application is nearly unlimited (e.g. exterior installation would be possible employing heating elements).

More economic than post-combustion:
As CLAROFIL consumes very little water as washing liquid no high energy costs arise from the thermal after treatment of problematic crude gases. With the automatic ride control system for the water intake only little washing liquid is required.

Made of stainless steel:
As one of the few filters in the market CLAROFIL is made entirely out of stainless steel. Therefore it has a high resistance against corrosive crude gas loads and is protected against corrosion.

Direct suction with suction arms and flexible hoses. 

ILT exclusively applies the direct suction method: the polluted air is caught as near at the source as possible and is directly conducted to the CLAROFIL wet scrubber. So the polluted air cannot spread into the production hall.

As CLAROFIL can also be installed outdoor the emission sources that are to be extracted (machines, manual work jobs) could be connected to the wet scrubber via duct work and extraction arms. All CLAROFIL units are designed in such a way that there is nearly no limitation as to the choice of location.

Due to the high collection efficiency of 90-95% for particles > 1 µm, the purified air normally can be processed without problems so that no waste is to be expected in the climate area

Safe equipment, safe performance

Not only due to its high collection efficiency, offers CLAROFIL a convincing safety in performance but as well a high operational safety. All units comply with the current applicable accident prevention and safety regulations and correspond to the special versions of Safety Authority Regulation 109/204.

Your benefit with CLAROFIL wet scrubbers:
  1. Managing problematical crude gases: you can be sure to comply with all regulations stipulated by law and the safety authorities.
  2. Safe producing without down times: your machines can be operated full load without risking pollution-related down times and without running danger of deflagration or explosion destroying your investment goods.
  3. Enhancement of your product and production quality: your machinery is protected from dust deposits reducing significantly maintenance and repair works.
  4. Heating your production halls without waste: as the air has been purified up to 99.997% from particles >0.3 µm, the exhaust air can remain in the production hall thus taking benefit in winter from the waste heat (alternatively, in summer, the waste heat can be expelled to the external atmosphere – this is the so called summer/winter circuit).
  5. Protection of your manufacturing facilities: premature contamination and ageing of your manufacturing facilities will be avoided; renovation and cleaning costs can be minimized.
  6. Active protection of your staff: from health damages through airborne pollutants.

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