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Air Slide Fabric / Air Slide Belt / Air Slide Canvas

SUITA brand high tensile strength air slide fabric is a belt fabric mainly used for pneumatic transmission of cement, bauxite, carbon black, gypsum, flour, etc, as well as equipped to fluid bed and powder mixing tank, which with a special and controllable air permeability can help to improve the transport efficiency, in the mean while reduce pollution, and also guarantee the uniformity of the mixed powders. The principle: when transferring the powders, the air slide fabrics combined with pressed air in flume and make the dry powder become to fluid particles, then the fluid particles will flow from the higher position to the lower position (destination) due to the gravity.


Because the particles is pneumatic, so the equipment won't be damaged from abrasion, can reduce many repair works. Also the particles be transferred in air tight flume, so the materials won't lost when transferring, sure can help to save much the cost, and also won't pollute the environment.

So far, the air slide fabrics from SUITA FILTECH are widely provided to the metal works, building materials plants, chemical plants, power plants, food processing plants and transportation area, etc, always keeping a perfect performance.


1. Clear veins, stable size, high tensile strength, various materials for choosing according to the different requirements.
2. Equal air permeability, the tolerance of air resistance is within ±10%.
3. High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, little hygroscopicity, corrosion resistance, lower adhesive capacity, never delamination, longer service life.
4. Smooth surface, 100% new materials, won't leak dust, green products.
5. The products applicable to convey the materials with the particle diameter < 4mm, temperature < 700 degree C, the moisture content < 2%.


Cement industries: cement plant, bulk cement truck and ship;
Mining industries:aluminium,lime,coal,phosphates,etc;
Chemical plants: soda,etc;
Power plant: coal, desulfurize,etc;
Food industries: flour,etc.


1. Material available:
polyester air slide fabric.
Aramid air slide membrane.(suitable operation temperature:-60~260 degree C)
Basalt filament air slide belt (-260~700 degree centigrade).
Cotton air slide canvas.

2. We can sell by rolls with big width(within 2200mm), meanwhile, we also can cut and process it to complete piece as customers requirements, so the products will be installed easily.
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Suita Filters provide polyester needle punched air slide belt and aramid (Nomex) needle punched air slide felt

2.allow air to pass through,not products
4.Width:max 2600mm
air slide belt are semi-permeable (allow air to pass through, but not products) and are manufactured to meet specific permeation ranges ensuring that uniform volumes of air are allowed to pass through, given standard air pressure.
Applicable to air oblique slot of powder stations of cement plants, air-filling case, homogenizing appliance, and pneumatic conveyor systems, and it is also an indispensable part of power plants, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, bulk cement tank trucks, bulk cement tank ships and fixed cement tanks.
Product range: 3mm-10mm
Temperature resistant: 150~220 degree C.
Permeability (m3/m2.min @127Pa):0.5-10
Width: max 2600mm


Standards size: 8mm x 58mm x 75mm

Special size can be customized.

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