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Air sparging is often used in conjunction with vapor extraction for in-situ soil remediation. This process involves injecting pressurized air into the water table in order to strip volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by mass transfer. Air bubbles are created that come in contact with dissolved phase contaminants which are then volatilized. The injected air also enhances biodegredation by increasing dissolved oxygen levels. The volatilized contaminants either pass through the ground surface directly or are captured in the vadose zone using vapor extraction.


Combining air sparging with vapor extraction has greatly reduced overall site clean up time at many sites. The electrical controls for these technologies can be combined in EPG's Series R700 Controllers. It incorporates the vapor extraction blower and condensate filter separator controls with the air sparge blower. The blowers can be set to run continuously or intermittently with adjustable cycle timer. Other options can be added to EPG Series R700 Controllers including controls to cycle the direction of air flow by opening and closing valves.

Common EPG air sparge compressors include:

  • Positive Displacement Blower
  • Rotary Vane
  • Reciprocating
  • Single Stage
  • Two Stage
  • Rotary Screw

EPG's air sparge equipment and vapor extraction systems are available pre-packaged, and skid, base or stand mounted. Components may also be purchased separately.

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