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Model CAT-TI - Air Sterilizers



In insufficiently ventilated inside spaces, organic substances (VOV, SVOC, BVOC) can accumulate. These gas contents are produced by humans, animals and plants. Furthermore, they are also emitted by decorative and building materials. To save energy, windows are closed tightly and the amount of fresh air in air conditioning systems is reduced. Due to the increase in humidity, germs, mold and mildew develop. The result is
a constant smell in the room air. Depending on the density of people, e.g. in changing rooms, gymnasiums, hospitals, waiting rooms, toilets or hotel areas, an unpleasant odor contamination arises that can be harmful to health. In the industrial sector, a variety of volatile
substances are released into the room air, such as isopropanol and ethyl acetate.

  • Indoor and breathing air in case of constant    presence of people and animals           
  • Smoking areas           
  • Hotel, airport and hospital    entrance areas       
  • Restaurants           
  • Kitchen areas           

  • Room sizes: all           
  • Air amount: 10 ..        . 100.000 m3/h   
  • Principle:    photocatalytic        oxidation PCO

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