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Air Temperature, Relative Humidity & Dew Point Sensor



Measured parameters: Air temperature, Air relative humidity, Dew point. Compatible with: MeteoSense and MeteoSense Pro stations, AgriSense/VineSense stations, AgriSense/VineSense wireless units, Handheld data logger HandySense. Item code: PS-0062-AD.

The thermo-hygrometer executes the air temperature, relative humidity and dew point measurement, thanks to a highly accurate digital sensor integrated into a solid passive solar shield which allows the temperature error to be eliminated, due to excess heating caused by the sun shining directly on the temperature sensing element.

The sensor is supplied equipped with its installing bracket and connection cable, and is compatible with all Netsens base and wireless units.

The very low thermal inertia, along with the short feedback time and low power consumption, make this sensor ideal for integrating in weather stations and in battery operated systems.

  • Output: digital serial
  • Environment protection: IP67
  • Sensor technology: solid state
  • Operating range: - 40 + 80 °C
  • Weight: 225 gr (including bracket)
  • Power supply: 3.3 … 5 VDC
  • Standard connection
  • cable: 180 cm

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