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Model Type VT – VTS - Air Vent and Vacuum Relief Valve



Bremer air vent and vacuum relief valves type VT – VTS are reliable and simple components, designed for controlling air discharge and intake in water pipelines, so to eliminate surge, water hammer and vacuum conditions.

They should be located in the upper points of pipeline, and have following funtions:When filling pipeline, large orifice is in open position, permitting air to flow out the valve. As water enters the valve, the lower float buoies and closes the large orifice. During operation, some air flows in the water and reaches the valve chamber, causing lower float to open the small orifice and vent air trapped, while upper float remains closed due to differential pressure between inside and outside. As lower float buoies again, it closes small orifice, ensuring perfect tightness.When draining the line, or in case of pump failure, internal pressure drops below atmospheric pressure, large orifice opens quickly permitting air to enter the pipe and prevent it from damages due to vacuum conditions.In addition, type VTS includes a spring-loaded third float, in order to reduce and control air release when filling in the pipe.

  • Connection to pipe DN 4” #150 RF
  • Body material ASTM A890 GR4A
  • Float material HDPE 500
  • EPDM o-rings
  • Large orifice of the same DN size, which ensures great air flow in both inlet and outlet direction
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Maintenence free
  • Small orifice for water de-aeration under pressure (operating conditions) VTS type
  • · Includes a spring-loaded third float, to control outwards air release when filling in the pipe

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