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- Air Ventilation Pipes


In the outdoor the material for pipes mostly is PP or HDPE because almost in case of polluted and aggressive air it is resistant. Due to increasing demandings all pipes and fittings are almost melt. For PP or HDPE pipelines which are installed outside, it is important to consider the thermal expansion of the material. For the installation of pipes and fittings compensators are used as well as slide bearings which make a controlled expansion possible.

In difference to the axial extruded adopter pipes our PROFILEEN ®– pipes transfer less energy onto the support construction because on the one hand the profile pipes are more flexible and have a certain compensator effect. On the other hand the wall sectional area is smaller so that there is a less transfer of voltage.

Installation in the building
Due to the fire protection regulations the air ventilation pipes made of PPS (polypropylene flame retardant) are installed. The chemical resistance is comparable with that of PP or HDPE. Our production has such a high quality that even air ventilation pipes can be made for clear room . Such products are packed in foil, so that no dirt or dust can get into contact with the products. Pipes and fittings are melt together as well in such cases.

An essential element of our system are the fittings here as well. All components are completely made of wound pipes and meet the high quality of the pipe.

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