Aira 4matic Valve Automation

- Damper Butterfly Valves



The butterfly or wafer damper can be a stack damper where sealing or tight shut-off is not all-important. This type is used as an isolating damper for flue-gas scrubbers. The butterfly damper is lightweight, simple, quickly actuated and often comparatively low in cost. In process work, oval shapes adapt to that shape of duct. Occasionally, a double-disc butterfly appears resembling a circular two-bladed louver damper. The drive for a butterfly damper is also simple, needing only 90° of motion. The torque requirement can vary widely over damper life, if corrosion and thermal effects are severe. Hand levers, Gear boxes, Pneumatic Actuators or Electric actuators are used to actuate butterfly dampers.

  • Size Range : 8' to 80'
  • Body IS 2062 Gr. B
  • Disc IS 2062 Gr. B
  • Shaft AISI 410
  • Bearing Standard
  • Gland Pata IS 2062 Gr. B
  • Teflon Bush Teflon
  • Graphite Ring Graphite
  • Hex Bolt SS 202 / SS 304
  • Seat Ring IS 2062 Gr. B
  • Bottom Shaft AISI 410

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