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From TSI, the world leader in particle measurements, the AirAssure™ PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor can provide real-time, reliably accurate measurement of indoor PM2.5 dust concentrations, one of the greatest health risks in the world today. The AirAssure Monitor is the ONLY cost effective on-the-wall instrument to meet the needs of ALL the stakeholders in a building.

Why is IAQ Important?According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 'a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. Other research indicates that people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. Thus, for many people, the risks to health from exposure to indoor air pollution may be greater than risks from outdoor pollution.'

Along with CO2 , carbon monoxide and other pollutants, PM2.5 particulates can be one of the key causes of indoor air contamination.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified various health problems linked to high levels of PM2.5 exposure including: respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, aggravation of asthma and lung cancer. Many of these health issues are related to long-term exposure.

What is PM2.5?PM2.5 refers to particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller in diameter. The air we breathe contains millions of tiny particles made up of different materials in many different sizes, often requiring special microscopes to see them. The hairs in the nose and the bends of the nostrils and throat help capture most of the larger particles. However, the smallest particles not stopped by the nose and throat can travel deeply into the air-exchange region of the lungs. The human lungs do not have defense mechanisms to provide protection from these tiny particles, enabling them to potentially pass directly into the bloodstream or accumulating within the lungs and interfering with the air-exchange process.

The WHO has established air quality guidelines to help public health policy-makers around the world to set air quality standards to help reduce the harmful effects of PM2.5 exposure.

Measuring PM2.5 AccuratelyTSI's AirAssure PM2.5 monitor is the most cost effective way to accurately monitor indoor PM2.5 concentrations.

There are various methods for measuring PM2.5 particulate concentrations both indoors and outdoors. Some of these methods are highly accurate, but can take several days for the data to be collected, analyzed and published. These typically use a monitoring station that requires removal and weighing of filter by a technician. While this is of great scientific value, it is of limited use to a building occupant who wishes to know the current state of the air she or her children are breathing.

More efficient, highly accurate gravimetric measurement instruments are also available that can display and log very accurate real-time readings. However these can cost several thousands of dollars to deploy which may not be practical for a building monitoring application where different areas need to be monitored. This is why TSI designed the AirAssure PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality Monitor---to cost-effectively deliver real-time, accurate indoor air measurements, time after time.

AirAssure IAQ Monitor---Taking PM2.5 Measurement Where Others Don'tTSI, a global leader in reliable particle measurement, provides an affordable, trustworthy solution for building owners, building managers and tenants that want to understand how well the building systems are controlling indoor levels of PM2.5.

AirAssure PM2.5 IAQ Monitor Advantages

  • Accurate, trustworthy PM2.5 measurement from world leaders in particle measurement
  • Ideal for commercial buildings
  • Easy to use
  • Simple wall mount installation
  • Analog and ethernet output available
  • At-a-glance interpretation of data, correlates to the Air Quality Index
  • Patent-pending auto-zero mechanism ensures consistently accurate performance
  • Field-serviceable
  • NIST traceable calibration

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