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- Turnkey UAV Towed Magnetometer System



The AirBIRD is a turnkey light weight towed bird Magnetometer system designed specifically for UAV’s. This system has everything needed to carry out high precision UAV magnetometer surveys from an UAV. The AirBIRD weighs 3.8 kg and therefore is suitable for medium and larger quadcopters and helicopter UAVs. The system is designed to simply be attached to an appropriate UAV for survey operations.

Easy handling and shipping

The AirBIRD includes; the GSMP 35U high precision and sensitivity Potassium UAV magnetometer, a laser altimeter to record bird height above ground, a GPS for bird tracking, a data acquisition unit (GEMDAS), a radio link for realtime transmission of the data to a ground station as well as a lipo battery to run the complete system for 60 min and light weight tow cable.

AirBIRD in Flight

The AirBIRD can be purchased as a standalone instrument or complete with appropriate UAV to be a complete survey system.

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