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Airbravo S.r.l.

- Model A Series (AK – AY – AW) - Large Collectors



High performance automatic collectors. Specifically designed to be integrated into centralized systems, they are divided into distinct families specialising in the treatment of different types and concentrations of air pollution and in specific plant requirements. Different models available with air flow rates ranging from 4000 Am3/h up to 48000Am3/h.

Absorption Collectors – AY Series 
The AY models are a group of activated carbon collectors designed for the purification of gaseous pollutants consisting of gas, vapour and odours emanating from typical industrial activity in the metal, mechanical, chemical, petroleum, rubber, plastics, textile, tanning, shoe and wood industries. 

Cartridge Dust Collectors – AK Series 
The AK Series modular dust collectors are designed for the extraction of air containing various solid particles and are therefore efficient in the filtration of dusts which are produced in the metal, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Its unique automatic cleaning system makes this series of dust collectors particularly efficient and durable. 

Wet-type Collectors – AW Series 
Modular collectors with the wet Scrubbing system of extraction. Suitable in thetreatment of industrial pollutants with high water miscibility/solubility or specific chemical-physical characteristics which make them potentially flammable to themselves or to he surrounding environment (explosion risk).

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