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Jaytee Biosciences Ltd

Model CLB-S012 - AirComp Air Compressor



Oil Free compressed air generation for GC—TOC and Atomic Absorption – can be integrated into NiGen GC/GC HC, AirGen GC, AirGen TOC, NiGen Micro and ZeroAir systems.

  • Delivers 20 l/min of compressed air from a full oil-free compressed at a pressure of 8 bar
  • Able to supply up to 2 Brezza modules
  • Ideally suited to provide clean compressed air to Brezza nitrogen & zero air generators
  • Stackable – up to 4 Brezza units can be stacked to create a neat installation
  • Delivers 20 litres/min of compressed air from a full oil free compressor at a pressure of 8 bar
  • Able to feed up to 2 Brezza units (NiGen GC/GC HC, AirGen GC, AirGen TOC)
  • Highly compact and provided with all the control devices for a constant unmanned operation
  • Noise levels reduced to minimum by means of special soundproofing and anti-vibration measures
  • Brezza CPU with Touch Screen Display connectable with CAN-BUS to the generators (up to 32 units), allows the monitoring of operational status and menus with report alarms and operating parameters. The CPU has also an Ethernet output for the connection to PCs and to Internet through a router
  • Coming soon – Software available for remote monitoring via Internet

  • FLOW RATE 20 litres/min
  • TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED Oil free piston compressor
  • OUTPUT PRESSURE 0 - 8 bar/0 - 115 psi
  • AIR INPUT CHARACTERISTICS particulate ≤0,01 µm
  • MOISTURE ≤ 3° C dew point in pressure
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 115 Vac ±10% 60 Hz 250 W
  •  230 Vac ±10% 50 Hz 250 W
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE 5°C - 40°C/40°F - 100°F
  • MAX ALTITUDE 2000 m asl
  • DIMENSIONS Height: 400mm
  • Width: 380mm
  • Depth: 530mm
  • WEIGHT 25kg

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