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Aircraft Fabric Buildings and Hangars for the Aviation Industry

Milestones aircraft fabric buildings and aircraft fabric hangars protect valuable planes, helicopters and military equipment. Our aircraft fabric buildings and hangars range in size from 30' - 300' and wider. Our aircraft structures are high quality, high performance and cost effective; built to IBC code and made in the USA. Choose Milestones and partner with the best for knowledgeable personnel, successful projects and high performing aircraft fabric buildings and aircraft hangars. Milestones provides the perfect aviation / aircraft fabric buildings for: helicopter, plane, portable hangars and structures, maintenance and repair hangars; aircraft shade structures, air cargo storage facilities, terminal structures, airport garages, airport repair facilities, temporary airport support and military aircraft structures. Milestones Building and Design is committed to helping you with any aircraft project in the aviation industry.

We are committed to helping you reach your goals for any project in the aviation and aircraft industry. Milestones provides cost effective aircraft structures; the toughest and strongest available, specific for military projects as well. We will meet and exceed all expectations for aviation / aircraft buildings, hangars and projects.

MBD Fabric Buildings have the following benefits: natural lighting; wide open interior space; your choice of hangar doors; your choice of sidewall height; your choice of roof slope; permanent or temporary status; and they can be relocated / portable. Our fabric aircraft hangars and aviation buildings are quick to install; fully meet current building codes; will accommodate lighting packages, fire suppression systems, heating, HVAC and ventilation systems. Experience excellence when choosing aircraft hangars and aviation structures from MBD Buildings.

These Are Comparable Reasons Why Our Buildings Meet All Requirements

Made in the USA

From 30' to 300' and Wider x Any Length Without Interior Columns

  • Many competitors cannot manufacture a building 300' wide without support columns. When choosing The CrossOver Building, the width, height, length, leg heights, inside center height and roof slope are all determined by the customer and application requirements. Again with no interior support columns, and no pony walls to get the height you require.

Quick to Deploy, Quick to Install, and Time to Occupancy is Fast!

Exclusive 20 Year Warranty, competitors have a 15 year warranty

99.999% Lead Free Hot Dip Galvanization

  • We hot dip galvanize all our steel after the welding and fabrication process is complete. We are 1 of 2 suppliers in the USA that do not add lead to the zinc process. This is an extremely important point for practicing 'Green Building', composting, managing waste, or recycling.

Corrosion Resistant Steel

  • In the hot dip galvanizing process, the zinc chemically bonds to our structural steel adding 3.9 mils, which provides the maximum protection against corrosion, strength and longevity. Our competitors only add .9 mils. In highly caustic environments, like salt storage, and composting, our buildings are protected with 300% more lead-free zinc. All of our bolts, nuts, and washers are zinc coated and are sealed with an organic coat to further help seal them from corrosion.

Exclusive Durable Fabric Cover

  • HL-13 Keder Covers are 13 oz/yd² polyethylene, the most weather secure truss-to-cover connection, no condensation, will not rust or drip, providing more strength and longevity; competitors use 10 or 12 oz/yd² fabrics.
  • The thermally non-conductive fabric cover provides a warmer environment in the winter and a cooler interior during the summer. It allows a multitude of natural light into the building which may eliminate the need for artificial lighting. It blocks heat, and transmits light which provides a superior interior environment with unparalleled ambiance and exceptional sound dampening properties.

Quality Building Components

  • Were designed for tight stacking and easy loading to reduce shipping costs. Our buildings are also designed with easy to assemble parts to reduce the installation time costs, using a quick drop in and bolt style purlin so no spending time trying to line up holes to place the bolt. The trusses at the base plates are designed with a pre-drilled mounting plate to bolt the 2 x 6 wooden curb rail, making finishing off the bottom of the building during installation easier and much quicker.

100% Maximum Usable Space

  • Spacious free span interiors without interior supports or columns; with interior height and sidewall equipment clearance for easy loading and handling materials. High clearance and no interior support columns provides an ability to load and unload materials easily. Delivery and removal of the materials are quicker, which is another cost saving benefit.

Foundation Options

  • Options include, but are not limited to: Earth anchors, screw piles, posts, cast-in-place concrete, and pre-cast concrete blocks. Actual foundation requirements may vary depending on local codes, site and soil conditions.

Fully Code Compliant

  • Compliant to the current IBC Building Code, including compliance to wind and snow loads specific to the building's location, providing superior structural integrity.

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