AMS Analitica

- Model HE Basic - Portable Constant Flow Samplers



The sampling device supplied with StackFlow Pro support to download isokinetic parameters, up to expand usage of isokinetic automatic samplers, with sampling control parameters in compliant with ISO-EN 16911, EN-13284-1, EPA 1, 2, 2H, 5, 17 norms.

The sampler is up to reveal through electronic board:

  • Flux liters per minute in real time
  • Total normalized sampling volume
  • Atmospheric barometric pressure
  • Load loss on sampling filter
  • Counter temperature
  • Environmental temperature
  • Wind speed and direction (when the optional sensor has been installed)
  • Standard deviation calculus with control graph RS 232 to data download and sampling parameters USB key support to download data and transferring to PC
  • Remote control w GSM/GPRS device (optional sensor)

Technical features:

  • Flux among 5 to 55 liters per minute
  • Usability pump range up to 5 m3 per hour
  • Volumetric flow control with automatic load losses compensation
  • Volumetric flow control through critical orifice
  • Membrane pump kind double head
  • Load losses compensation 600 mm/Hg with electronic control
  • Direct flow display
  • Weight 14 kg
  • Total liters reading by way of dry gas volumetric counter and display
  • Temperature control at Display with precision 0.1° C
  • Setting normalization temperature chance
  • Forced cooling system with exchange cycles every 5 seconds and dissipater in aluminum

Additional features:

  • Dimensions 27x27x42 cm (LxDxH)
  • External case in aluminum alloy painted with epossidic powders
  • Compliant to the EN-12919:2001 norm
  • EC Conformity on Electromagnetic Compatibility 89/336/EEC referred to the EN 50081-1, EN 6111-6-2, EN 55014-1, EN 61326-1 and EN 60204-1:1997-12 norms regarding instrumental tests of electrical safety
  • Download sampling data software

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