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- Model HE - Portable Constant Flow Samplers



The AirCube HE sampler is able to satisfy the requirements foreseen by the EN-12341 and EN-14907 norms for PM10 and PM2.5 aerial-dispersed particles sampling, under the flow conditions foreseen of 38 liters per minute and is able of carrying out emissions samples both in the manual and in automatic mode thanks to the possibility of connection with the isokinetic parameter meter IsoFlow 201.

Simple to use, the Air-Cube HE sampler is completely managed by microprocessor offering to the user setting chance the sampling parameters directly from the keyboard. Suction flow adjustment carried out by way of a motorized proportional valve and is able to manage changes in flow with extreme rapidity and accuracy.

The AirCube HE sampler is equipped with flow regulation with mass flow. This option offers maximum precision and guarantee of an extremely accurate data sampling. The AirCube HE sampler is able to manage external units for PTS EV Plus sequential sampling and for PM10/2.5 fine particles, DustCheck16P. Dimensions: 28x28x40cm mm (LxDxH) Weight: 16 Kg. Electrical power feed: 220V-AC The sampler is furnished complete with Interface for sequential groups PTS, Interface for wind speed and direction sensors (sensors excluded), RS232 cable, AC cable, SDC 2000 software to elaborate data, user manual and calibration and inspection report.

  • High yield pump with vacuum seal from 6 m3/h • Electronically regulated constant flow with a ±2% precision • Operational range included among 5 and 50 liters/minute
  • Sample volume monitoring with integrated volumetric counter with a ±2% precision
  • Sample flow monitoring with Mass-Flow device, with a ±1% precision
  • Sensor to the detection of atmospheric barometric pressure and double temperature detection sensor: one for the monitoring at the counter and another for monitoring at the sampling point
  • Setting and monitoring for standard deviation of sampling with interruption in the event of excessive loss of load
  • Programming for different types of sampling sequences chance, to sample time or volume, for a single day or up to 16 days.
  • Possibility of modifying the program conditions during the sampling phase and reset them live.
  • Setting of the instrument controls including seal test and monitoring of magnitude measurement sensors
  • Predisposed for connection with pair of sensors for the detection of wind speed and direction
  • RS232 data port to downloading of data from the SDC 2000 software and to the connection to the serial printer
  • Interface for connection with the IsoFlow 201 flow meter to the automatic monitoring of the conditions of isokinetic (Optional)
  • Predisposed for utilization with GSM/ GPRS modem (optional modem)
  • Sample data saving when a power lack happens with sampling session restart, when power comes back with event registration in the final recap

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