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- Model ADM-860C - Electronic Micromanometer



The ADM-860C AirOata Multimeter was developed for the unique needs of the air balancing specialist. The keypad has been simplified for rapid selection of routine air balance functions. The versatile VelGrid and AirFoil probes are included in this meter kit and provide improved speed and flexibility in the measurement of airflow and velocity.

The memory function allows the sequential storage and recall of up to 100 measurements, with display of the sum and average at any point. This is a real time saver for duct traverses.

The RS232 communications port allows the user to oownload readings to a printer or computer. Readings can be downloaded either individually or as a sequence from memory. Optional user-friendly software allows readings to be automatically inserted into an Excel™ or similar spreadsheet.

Astandard pilot tube, or the straight AirFoil probe can be used for duct traverses and air velocity readings at exhaust hoods and laminar flow applications.  No leveling, zeroing or range selection is necessary.

Velocity and flow readings are local density corrected for variations in temperature and barometric pressure.
The Shortridge Instruments AirData Multimeter design combines digital electronics with convenience and flexibility in the measurement of airflow, velocity, pressure, and temperature.

  • Air balance model
  • Memory and averaging
  • Serialoutputto printer or computer
  • Velgrid and airfoil
  • Velocity and pressure
  • Flow and temperature
  • Supply and exhaust
  • Air density corrected
  • English and metric

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