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AirDrain Drainage System AirField Systems AirDrain grid creates a GMAX/HIC that is consistent across the entire synthetic playing surface. Unlike traditional shock pads or e-layers the AirField Systems AirDrain grid is 1? high, extremely light weight at 3.1 lbs per 7 sqft., 233 psi (unfilled) and has a 92% air void, giving it unmatched vertical and lateral drainage. AirDrain also creates it’s own perched water table on the bottom of the 11? sand profile to promote healthy root growth for natural turf surfaces. The five year research project was jointly funded by the United States Golf Association and AirField Systems and was a collaborative effort between Texas A&M.

  • 1 to 3 more days of plant available water stored in the root zone (depending on climate)
  • Significantly reduces daily irrigation needs (as told to us by our customers)
  • Healthier turf / Stronger root system (as told to us by our customers)
  • 100% Vertical Drainage under the entire playing surface
  • AirDrain creates and helps maintain a constant Gmax for Synthetic Turf fields
  • Consistent Gmax and Shock Attenuation can reduce the risk of head injury
  • Helps eliminate standing water / Simplifies maintenance (as told to us by our customers)
  • Minimal site disturbance / Far less excavation and disposal
  • Several Installation days are saved over a gravel installation
  • An AirDrain System sand profile creates its own perched water table without peat moss or clay

With 7 U.S. patents AirField Systems has enjoyed tremendous success all over the world. AirField continues to be an innovator and is utilized in a variety of green building markets.

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