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- Model HS-3000A2 - Single and Double Hose Portable Fume Vacuum



The Scavenger Series portable fume/particle extractors are an inexpensive solution to all small scale, yet potentially hazardous, fume and particle problems. These powerful yet quiet, fully portable systems are ideal for use in work spaces that are too small for conventional fume hoods. They can be used on the table top or wall mounted. The unit combines a 530 cfm blower with either one or two intake scoops, each with a 5 foot heavy duty flex hose, which can be easily moved to capture the contaminant at the source. Each blower is operated with a variable speed control knob and is virtually vibration free.

Primarily designed to improve safety and hygiene in light industrial settings, the Scavenger can also be used in laboratories where a fume source can be isolated. Examples include wall mounted units to capture harmful exhaust from microwave ovens in histology labs, and spectrophotometers in analytical chemistry applications.

Like all Airfiltronix systems, the Scavengers can accommodate a variety of filters: charcoal, four stage dacron, aluminum, and HEPA filters, to capture a broad range of chemical fumes, odors and particles - at their source.

  • Double Hose Scavenger: includes two 5'' diameter hoses and 2 tapered collector scoops.
  • Ideal for use in: Buffing and grinding
  • Ideal for use in: Potting
  • Ideal for use in: Small scale welding
  • Capture fumes and particles at the source
  • Ideal for use in: Soldering
  • Ideal for use in: Jewelry manufacture

  • Model No.: HS-3000A2
  • Workspace: NA
  • Blower Dim: 16''H x 12.5''D x 23.5'' W
  • Hose: 5'' diameter heavy duty chemical resistant PVC flexible hose. Single 5 foot length for HS-3000A1 and double 5 foot lengths for HS-3000A2.
  • Standard Nozzles: Wedge shaped nozzles measure 9.5'' D x 6.5''H, sloping to 3.5'' H x 6.5
  • Power Requirements: 115V AC, 100 Watts, 50/60 Hz, 230V AC optional for export.
  • Weight: 43 lbs.
  • Custom Variations: We can customize the scavenger series in many different configurations (i.e. wall mounted blower, mini-hood with hose attachment, unique adapter fabricated to attach to existing equipment - please call to discuss your special application).
  • Noise Level: A weighted noise level 68dB max. at 1 meter

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