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Multiple-bay facilities often resort to opening overhead doors and running fans for relief from the annoyance of vehicle exhaust. If not removed, vehicle exhaust can contribute to worker illness, increase facility maintenance expense, and harm the sensitive electronics of diagnostic and service equipment.

  • Removes exhaust gases rather than just re-circulating it within the facility.
  • Easily mounts to walls or ceilings; meets virtually any facility design installation requirements.
  • Provides multiple-vehicle exhaust extraction from a single collection system.
  • Boom arm extensions offer convenient hose positioning, maneuverability, and storage.

Model Shown: Model VES-2, 1/2 HP-BI with Rubber 'Y' Adapter for dual vehicle exhaust and 3 inch Standard Tailpipe Connector. Two 3 inch by 30 foot heavy duty exhaust hoses.

Note: VES-2 comes standard with two Hose Balancers, not shown in picture.

The V.E.S. Spring-Loaded Hose Balancer keeps hoses off the floor and provides for easy handling, maneuverability, and safe equipment storage. Includes Hose Saddle and Adjustable Stop Collar.

Blower Assemblies

  • 0.5 HP TEFC Motor/Blower Assembly. — 1 Phase
  • 1.0 HP TEFC Motor/Blower Assembly. Optional. — 1 and 3 Phase
  • 1.5 HP TEFC Motor/Blower Assembly. Optional. — 1 and 3 Phase

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