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Airtec air knife systems utilise low pressure/high volume air to produce a highly controlled, non-contact solution for removing surface moisture or debris from virtually any product during a manufacturing process. Airtec is unique in offering completely bespoke air knife systems tailored exactly to your requirements. We can offer a complete service package from initial design and consultation through to installation & commissioning.


We supply the finest quality air knife systems in the UK:
Our airknives are manufactured from food grade stainless steel although anodised aluminium is also available. The Airtec blowers are high quality robust units that are precisely load matched to provide optimum performance and efficiency for a particular application.

A full range of accessories is also available including: Stainless steel acoustic enclosures, splash guards to eliminate water carry over, air distribution manifolds, regulating valves, quick release clamps, rigid or flexible hosing in a range of specifications.

Airknife ApplicationsAir knife
Airtec air knife systems are suited to a wide variety of industrial applications including: Drying systems - bottles, cans, crates, cartons, jars, components, rubber or plastic extrusions, rods, tubes, motor cars, printed circuit boards, packaged products. Cooling systems - castings, extrusions (rubber or plastic), steel strip, light bulbs, ingots, metal extrusions Coating systems - fish fingers, pies, quiche toppings, confectionary, pizza bases

Airtec systems provide the following benefits over compressed air or thermal drying systems Low capital cost Up to 90% savings on running costs / fast capital pay back Reduced noise levels / improved operator environment Clean, dry air output – Airtec systems do not require expensive filtration More effective drying capability / increased productivity / improved quality

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