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- Airlocks Separator



NESTRO Separator airlocks are used to separate light fractions, which are removed from the air flow (e.g. foils and paper, general light fraction). Even problematic materials are easily separated. The material to be separated is sucked (vacuum operation) or blown (overpressure operation) into the separator airlock and transported into the airlock rotor cells. The transport air passes through the perforated side section of the rotor. The speed of the airlock rotor can be infinitely adjusted depending on the relevant requirements.

The rotating separator is designed so that two airlock chambers are always available for ventilation and separation in the bottom pressure-free area. When one of the airlock chambers reaches the bottom pressure-free area when rotating, gravity ensures that the material to be separated falls out of the airlock chamber.

The technology ensures flawless operation, even for recording tapes and other materials with long fibres. The discharge process is supported by scavenging air in order to achieve the optimal throughput and cleaning performance for the airlock chambers.

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