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- After Cooler System (ACS)



Designed for high efficiency removal of moisture, resulting in cool, clean and dry compressed air for use in abrasive blasting equipment. If your blasting operation or jobsite is in a region where there is not a big difference in the daily high and low temperatures, an aftercooler may be sufficient to handle the moisture in your blast system. Note: sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) applications most often require the additional drying capabilities of an air dryer for best performance.

  • Maximum Working Pressure:150 psig at 250 °F (10.3 bar at 121 °C)
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:35 °F at 150 psig (1.7 °C at 10.3 bar)
  • Moisture Removal:Stainless steel coalescent filter

  • High performance systems
  • Inlet prefilter removes oil, debris and contaminants

Additional Features:

  • Compact, vertical air flow design to improve efficiency
  • Pneumatic fan motor. Includes filter, regulator, lubricator and muffler (electric fan available)
  • Protective bar grating
  • Portable or stationary units
  • Easy transport. Skid mounted (excludes portable options) with forklift pockets and full load lifting eyes

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