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The Non-Thermal Plasma Multi-Pollutant Control process developed by AirScience, Saskpower and CANMET has demonstrated at the laboratory that SOx, NOx and mercury can be removed from coal-fired flue gases at a fraction of the capital and operating cost of conventional control technologies. The Radical Shower approached used in this proprietary process has shown advantages over the Electron Beam Non Thermal Plasma. The consortium is presently experimenting with a 5,000 cfm industrial pilot which will allow for the passage to full scale installations within 12 months.

The major components of the pilot plant are:

  • coal handling and feeding system
  • furnace, burner, ignitor, heaters
  • flame scanners
  • heat exchangers
  • baghouse
  • plasma corona radical shower reactor
  • reactant ammonia/air supply cylinders
  • electrostatic precipitator ESP
  • induced draft fan
  • combustion air and natural gas
  • ignition/preheat piping
  • air heaters
  • flow monitoring/control instrumentation
  • high voltage supplies and controllers for
  • PCRS and high-efficiency ESP
  • ignition and monitoring controls.

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