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- Air disinfection


Globalex Airtab has the widest selection of air treatment product and application knowledge to protect you with correct efficiency. Efficient in hospital, offices, clinics, kindergartens, classrooms, barracks, entertainment venues, public transports, shopping malls and other space; But also in home application like : kitchen, bathroom, refrigerators, shoes racks, pet room and other small space. Airtab can control bacteria, viruses, algae, fungus and some gazes responsible for bad smell like methane . Closed areas like dressing, etc… can be disinfected easily. Also Airtab have an effdective answer for refrigerators, cold room, food production, frozen work stations treatment without risk on bacterial contamination. Airtab offers solution to control bacteria and virus infections. Also Airtab can be used for cars air conditionning disinfection. Airtab is suitable to treat big areas with high air debit like airport, hospitals, stations, offices, etc…

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